Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Benefits of using solar energy system in flats in zirakpur

Another way of describing green energy is using earth’s natural forces to convert nature energy to usable electricity. It is also a simple process to create an energy efficient solar hot water heater yourself. You can also lower your energy bills with significant use of solar energy.

There are many manuals and guides available online which you can follow to create an energy efficient project to use solar energy.  By using DIY approach you can save a lot of costs in electricity bill.

By using green energy systems one can improve the overall efficiency of the flat especially in a small 2bhk flat in zirakpur. Another advantage of using solar energy system is that they are extremely reliable and if installed correctly can generate electricity for many years to come. Also, the parts used in the solar powered electricity system are not movable and are not prone to wear and tear.

Solar energy when compared to fossil fuels for generating electricity is environment friendly and does not release any harmful gases in the atmosphere compared to fossil fuels. Other fact to look at is after installing solar energy system you won’t be bothered by high sound and pollution which other generators make while using fossil fuels for energy.

Also in the longer run using solar energy system will prove cheaper than local electricity connection. Starting costs may be high but after you have recovered the initial cost, the power from thereon will be free.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Few points to consider when buying a new flat in zirakpur

Purchasing a new home involves a lot of investment that is why this decision is so important and should be taken with utmost care. If you are looking to buy a new flat in zirakpur then these pointers will help you in your decision of buying an apartment in zirakpur.

A thumb rule to follow is to set your budget for the flat and have an extra 5-10% budget over and above the allocated budget. This becomes increasingly important when you are taking home loan as putting up last minute money is the hardest of all. If you are purchasing flat on home loan then this becomes important that you don’t sign any document without first consulting your home loan officer. Your bank executive can help you find the right home loan considering your take home salary, so that you don’t overextend your emi and unable to pay regular expenses.

Once you have all the details or availability of home loan, then you should consider searching for homes in the same locality and compare the prices and features of these homes. If you desire to build your own home, then buying a plot would be a great choice or else you can go for ready to move flats which offers security and many amenities than building a house yourself.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Ready to move or Under Construction property, Which one to choose

Most users when opting to purchase property in zirakpur prefers ready to move apartments. The main reason for this is ready to move flats offer peace of mind for the buyer as they cannot expense the energy in unnecessary legal hassles.

If you have mixed feeling about purchasing ready to move property or under construction flats then you are not alone. With new projects launching at a steady rate buyers often have a hard time deciding on which property to purchase. One of the main reasons for this is that the buyers are usually skeptical in purchasing new properties with developers who do have a past performance record.

Most of the users are also hesitant because of the changing government policies which causes havoc on some the projects resulting in delays of several years. This puts a heavy strain of emi and rent together on the buyer which is most of the times unacceptable to the property buyers. A recent survey results also imposed that the uncertainty of possession was the major reason buyers were shying away from buying under construction property and moving towards ready to move flats.

Investing hard earned money in case of ready to purchase flats is a big positive for the buyer and helps in decision making process. Add to the fact that for some people seeing is believing so about ready flats offer them peace of mind and satisfaction. Chances of getting hoodwinked also lessens in case of ready buy property. You can also review factors such as maintenance of project, quality of neighborhood, interior quality and connectivity to nearest highway in such projects.

Even when removing the factor of ready to move or under construction property the building plans, legal documents and location of the project should be finalized beforehand. Also ensure that all the sanctions and authorizations measure up correctly.

However even with all the negative reasons aside there are many developers who are dedicated to their residential project and offers under construction flats with quality interiors. They also follow professional approach towards the project by completing the flat within stipulated timeline as mentioned in the agreement. One such developer is Barnala Developers who are offering luxurious 2 bhk, 3bhk and above flats in zirakpur.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Welcome to Green Lotus Avenue- a Hub of Green Flats in Zirakpur
Situated in the area of Mohali, Zirakpur is a developing town brimming with action. As a result of its incredible area, the town is overflowing with development exercises and a ton of homes are being built. Zirakpur area is viewed as incredible inferable from the three expressways: Chandigarh-Ambala Highway, Zirakpur-Patiala Highway and Kalka-Ambala Highway. In case you’re wanting to purchase moderate Flats in Zirakpur that goes under INR 30 lakh, you should think of it as.
  1. Affordability 
    • Green Lotus avenue has extremely affordable prices to live and we also provide excellent services at these prices at the same time.
    • Our apartments in Zirakpur start from 22 lakh rupees, hence coming under 30 lakh, making it more affordable for you.
    • We provide many kinds of flats in Zirakpur, these include 1 bhk, 2 bhk, 3 bhk, 3+1 bhk, 4 bhk and 5 bhk apartments in Zirakpur. We provide 3 bhk, 3+1 bhk, 4 bhk and 5 bhk Penthouses as well.
  2. Services
    • Our services will completely awe you with the way we have make things agreeable for our clients.
    • For maintenance, or any repair necessities, you simply need to associate with us, and issue gets determined.
    • While you settle on contributing with us, we can counsel you for any of your credit prerequisites as we have tremendous network with banks.
  3. Green Technology
    • We utilize Green Home Technology which utilizes renewable wellsprings of vitality in your homes and ecological protection techniques including water reaping, and so on.• We go for making structures that are earth capable and asset effective all through a building’s life cycle.• We have been recompensed with great focuses from IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) keeping in mind the end goal to empower feasible constructed environment.
  4. Architecture
    • Our Modern Architecture will be all around preferred by you since we utilize present day strategies for development which are exceptionally helpful.• All the kitchens are measured and have a stack. We give DTH TVs, incompletely outfitted rooms, broadband network, play regions, clubhouses, running tracks and significantly more.
Green Lotus Avenue in Zirakpur is a great place for you and your family to live in and you can have a great time. Be a part of the Green Lotus Avenue family and live a great, lavish and luxurious life.